5 Easy Ways to Be Nice at Work

Sometimes, you might feel like this at work.

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You're annoyed with co-workers. You're annoyed with your job. YOU'RE ANNOYED WITH EVERYTHING.

But, at these times especially, it is important to remember the Choose To Be Nice message. It may be extremely difficult, but you always want to try and spread kindness. Here are five easy ways you can Choose To Be Nice in the office.

1. Start the pot of coffee.

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Yes, you can be nice by any beans necessary. And being nice is really this easy.  Give it a shot! Okay, bad puns aside, this is a great way to spread good vibes in the workplace.

Sometimes when you get into the office, all you need is a nice hot cup of joe to put you in a good mood and ready to take on the world, or at least to take on your day. If you're the first one in the office or if the first pot of the day hasn't been started yet, step up and start the brew. Your coworkers will thank you a latte. (Last pun, I swear.)

2. Remember your manners.

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I promise, I'm not trying to treat you like a child. Sometimes, however, it seems as though people like to completely forget their manners at work.  Saying thank you if someone does something for you, smiling at people, holding the door open for someone behind you.  All these things are simple to do and should be a part of your every day routine at work. This holds true especially over email.  Please and thank you are important words to include in your messages to co-workers!

3. Say good morning.

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This sort of goes along with #2. Technically, saying good morning isn't a necessary task and it may not fall under the umbrella of good manners, but it is still a nicety that should be observed while at work. People may come into the office in a bad mood, especially if they're not a morning person (I, for example, don't do mornings...).

What better way to put that person in a good mood than to smile at them and give them a warm good morning. It may not instantly make them feel better (like a hot cuppa coffee...) but it can't hurt. Sometimes it can be a little depressing walking into a full office and not receiving a single greeting as you make your way to your desk. So be the change you want to see and say good morning!

4. Listen.

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This one may be the hardest one on the list thus far, but it is the most important. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives and our own ideas that we forget to stop and listen to people. Listening is important for a couple of reasons. First off, if you listen to people, you might actually know what's going on in their lives.  That way, you can remember to ask Suzie about her daughter's prom and congratulate Tom on his engagement. Showing interest in other people's lives is a great way to be nice.

Listening is also important when it comes to work topics. You don't want to be the person who never hears out other people's ideas. You might think you know best and your ideas are superior to others, and this very well may be true, but you need to remember to hear other people out, too.  That way, you don't come across as, well..., a jerk!

And when all else fails...

5. Bake!

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Okay, so I'm only semi-joking here.  Let's be honest, everyone loves baked goods! Cookies, muffins, cakes... Next time you bake a batch of muffins, whip up some extra for the office. Or if your daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies, bring a box in to share. This may not be the most necessary task or the most important but it is a way to be nice and show you are thinking of your coworkers.


What other ways do you enact nice in the office? Share in the comments!

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