Amazing Students for an Amazing Cause

Depending on when you went to middle school, your extracurriculars may have varied.  Me? Cheerleading and math team. (Probably one of the weirdest combos EVER...) Others probably did soccer... yearbook... book club.

Our friends over at Wilson Middle School in Natick, MA, have an extra curricular that we love: Peer Trainers. They are doing amazing things. So amazing, they should not go unnoticed.


Here is a group of Peer Trainers at Wilson Middle School.

choose_2015 Loving the shirts, guys!


Right now, these students are attending the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Breaking Barriers Conference in Boston.  Although they attend the conference every year (which we think is amazing!), this year is very special. Usually the honor of facilitating a breakout sessions is reserved for high school students, but the ADL believes the Wilson Middle School's group is so strong that they have afforded them the opportunity to facilitate a breakout session this year. We think this is terrific!

Besides attending this yearly conference, the Peer Trainers keep very busy at Wilson. One of their primary responsibilities is to teach a series of lessons to 5th and 6th graders. While the lessons pertain to a wide variety of topics, they all fall under the umbrella of being a good citizen at Wilson Middle School.

The Peer Trainers are also involved with the Special Olympics program at Wilson. This year, they are running a school-wide fundraiser and will be acting as coaches for the Special Olympians.

To an amazing group of students working for an amazing group at school, we wish you the best of luck not only today at the conference but in all your future endeavors! You are truly making an impact at your school and in your community and we thank you for choosing to be nice!


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