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Celebrating Choose To Be Nice Week with a Social Media Challenge

nice nook mouseNext week is a super special time for us. It’s the week we celebrate the work that our students do all year long through the Choose To Be Nice School program. Schools across the country will be marking Choose To Be Nice Week with fun events and special activities. But this is such an important celebration, we want everyone to join in.

This is not about being “nice” for a week or going out of our way to be extra good. Really, it’s a celebration of how we strive to live all the time. During this week and all year long, we want to remind people to be aware of the choices they have every single day about how to treat others. And, we want to encourage everyone to treat others with kindness, respect and dignity, which makes the world a better place for all.

In any given day, we have dozens of interactions. How will those interactions go? How will we feel when we walk away from those interactions? How will others feel when they walk away from interactions with us? Whether or not we think about it, how we respond has a ripple effect. Smile at one person, that person will be more likely to smile at someone else, and it keeps going.

This week is about raising awareness and starting the discussions that can bring long lasting changes. It’s also an opportunity to appreciate the impact that we have when we choose to be nice.

To get involved, share on social media what you are doing or what others have done for you following the theme of each day shown below. Use the # of the day. At the end of the week, we will choose two challenge participants to win an awesome prize package.

Here are the daily themes along with some guiding questions to get you started:


How can I Choose To Be Nice This Week?

DAY 2: TEAMWORK TUESDAY                #TeamworkTuesday

How can I encourage meaningful and respectful teamwork at my job or in my community?

DAY 3: WELCOMING WEDNESDAY                #WelcomingWednesday

How can I make someone new feel welcome in my workplace or community?

DAY 4: THANKFUL THURSDAY                #ThankfulThursday

What acts of kindness am I thankful for this week?

DAY 5: FRIENDSHIP FRIDAY                      #FriendshipFriday

How can I make a new friend today?


Have you made the promise? Make it official here.

Do you know a school that could benefit from a Choose To Be Nice program? Find out more here.

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