Choose To Be Nice at Brookfield Elementary!

Choose To Be Nice's presence in elementary schools is growing! We are happy to welcome Brookfield Elementary School in Brockton, MA, to the Choose To Be Nice family. Principal Valerie A. Brower is a HUGE supporter and has along with her staff fully embraced the Choose To Be Nice message

Choose To Be Nice was the impetus to pick a new mascot and the front hall of the school is being redone to reflect their commitment to the promise. So far, assemblies have been done at every grade level to introduce and kick off a Choose To Be Nice fundraiser and parents have received calls to explain what is taking place.

As for the students, everyone in the school has made the Promise, and the teachers all have copies hanging outside of their classrooms.  In addition, the children all signed a Choose To Be Nice banner.


Students signing the Choose To Be Nice banner! Students signing the Choose To Be Nice banner!


"My teachers set up teams to come up with a school song, a school video and many other things revolving around the Brookfield community and its promise to Choose To Be Nice," Brower explained.

The teachers are currently coming up with a system to monitor the ways the students are choosing to be nice and some are even offering incentive programs in their classes surrounding the Choose To Be Nice theme. Ultimately, Principal Brower would like to involve not only the parents but the entire community. Initial steps to get this off the ground involve parents making the promise and signing the banner when they come in for parent-teacher conferences.

We are so happy to welcome Principal Brower and the students of Brookfield Elementary to the Choose To Be Nice family. If you are interested in getting your school involved, you can find additional information here.

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