COMING SOON: The Daily Nice


Looking for tips on ways to be nice every day? Do you want to inspire your kids? Look no further!

We've created The Daily Nice to provide you with simple ways to Choose To Be Nice every day.

What is The Daily Nice?

It is a daily dose of nice with simple ideas to inspire kindness every day.

Why The Daily Nice?

Why not! It will help you add nice acts to your day-to-day life. Plus, if you're looking to share ideas of kindness with your kids, then this is a perfect, simple solution.

Where do I find it?

Great question! You will be able to find The Daily Nice on Choose To Be Nice's social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). You can also subscribe to receive The Daily Nice every morning in your inbox!

Subscribe today! Subscribe today!

The Subscribe box is on the homepage of Choose To Be Nice!

When does it start?

The Daily Nice posts & emails will officially begin on June 1! Make sure to subscribe before then :)

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